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Our Values

1. Jesus
Jesus is our foundation, desire, pursuit, source of unity and blessed hope. The goal of all we do is to seek Him first and to know Him intimately. The fruit is to reveal Him to the world.
2. Ministry to the Lord (Coming In)
► Thanksgiving: Agreeing with what He has done
► Worship: Agreeing with Who He is
► Intercession: Agreeing with what He will do
3. Ministry to Others (Going Out)
► Honor
► Identity
► Servitude


His presence... where you are.
USM | Online
Dallas, TX
9 Months
25 Hours A Week
12 Weeks
10 Hours A Week
USM | Dallas
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Frequently Asked

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“USM is a launching pad. Be ready for spiritual surgery and real discipleship that will launch you into God’s fullness.”

Jehosaphat, 26

“If you want deeper intimacy with Jesus and to grow in leadership, you should come.”

Alexis, 25

“USM has been a foundational unveiling of truth in my life.”

IsaaCc, 21

“Transformation happens at USM. If you’re on the fence, I would say do it! It is the best and easiest decision I’ve made.”

Majesty, 22

“At USM I’ve learned that God is good. Way better than I had ever realized. He truly loves His kids.”

Katlin, 24