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More than a job. It's a calling.

UPPERROOM exists to see lives transformed by the presence of Jesus. We believe that as a staff, everything we do on a daily basis is unto both ministering to and people encountering Jesus. To join UPPERROOM staff means jumping into a lifestyle of prayer and a culture of honor for each other and our house. We believe that no one on our staff is self-appointed. God is the appointer of every position and we recognize and receive each person in his or her role. We are a body - we need each gift and anointing God calls to build our house. We are more than just coworkers, we are family!

Find your a tribe of like minded, spirit-led, servant leaders.
Flexible working accommodations in a fast paced, energetic environment.
Explore new skills, passions, and territories.

Global Positions

UPPERROOM Global is a prayer and worship movement that exists to see God’s presence transform cities. Our mission is to be an equipping engine for ministry to the Lord through planting local churches, events, training, funding modern-day Levites, the USM school, and creating online media resources for the masses. On this page you will find the current open positions within our Global team. Most positions will operate out of our hub in Dallas, TX.
No New Positions Are Available

DFW Area Campuses

Local UPPERROOM churches exist to see God's presence transform lives. Our mission is to equip people to minister to God by living the In & Out lifestyle. The heart of our mission is “coming in” by way of corporate prayer and worship Morning, Noon, and Night to agree with Who God is and what He desires to do in our lives, city, and the earth. As we go out from that place we are positioned to serve and advance His Kingdom in our everyday lives. On this page you will find job openings for the Dallas & Frisco campuses.