40-Day Fast

As a church family, we are joining others around the world in an intentional season of consecration, fasting and intercession for 40 days starting Wednesday, April 14th until Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd.

We want to see the Lord pour out His Spirit and believe prayer and fasting positions us to receive more of His presence and see His Kingdom come to earth.

The Lord has highlighted the following five areas we will focus our times of prayer on over the 40 days, and we are fully assured the Lord will bring breakthrough, wisdom and revelation in how we are to partner with His desires for the following. 


  • Our families 
  • Prodigals to return 
  • Especially that the Lord would captivate and save Generation Z 


  • Our cities, workplaces and neighbors 
  • Provision for a new church building in south Dallas


  • Awakening and activating women in their value and contribution in every sphere 
  • Power and anointing on their voice, leadership and uniquely feminine gifts they bring to the church body


  • All Jewish people to encounter and believe in Yeshua, their promised Messiah
  • The country of Israel to be protected, blessed and prosper 
  • For Jews and Gentiles to come together as a pure spotless bride, ready for our Bridegroom to return and find faith on the earth


  • Lorisa had a dream that 'there would no longer be a people without His presence' and specifically an assignment to impact the Southern Hemisphere (Latin America, South Asia, Africa and Australia)
  • How do we as UPPERROOM partner with God to see His presence transform the nations?

Please join us during these 40 days. There are numerous ways one can fast. Although a traditional fast is abstaining from food, seek the Lord on what He would have you do, considering your health and daily responsibilities. Below are a few resources that we encourage you to review as you prayerfully consider how to participate with us for 40 days. 

Guides & Resources

Dr. Bill Bright’s Guide to Fasting and Prayer ➜

Lou Engle Ministries Jesus Fast Resources ➜

Spirit of Health Resources for Various Fasts ➜