Building His House,
Building The Future
Creating a Resting Place
We invite you to join us for a pivotal opportunity that could shape the future of UPPERROOM.

Our commitment is clear:
Building His House, Building the Future to establish a permanent home for our community, and ultimately for the Lord.
Why $6,000,000 in 60 Days?
Embark on this 60-day journey with us by visiting our GoFundMe page.
From renting a vet clinic rooftop to leasing a converted paintball facility turned prayer room, we have come a long way.
Our current space, our cherished home for the past six years, has warmly welcomed over 500,000 souls eager to create a sanctuary for the Lord.

Now, we aspire to own our space —
A monumental step forward.

Our Vision: Broaden UPPERROOM's impact, creating additional room for worship, education, and community, both locally and globally.

Our Ask: To continue this mission and expand our impact, we need your help to raise $6,000,000 in just 60 days.
We invite each of you to join us in this endeavor.
Every contribution makes a difference.

If 6,000 individuals come together to contribute $1,000 each, we would successfully meet our fundraising goal. This might seem like a significant amount at first glance, but when you break it down, it's manageable for individuals. Here's the breakdown:

6,000 People

Imagine a community of 6,000 passionate individuals, each willing to contribute towards this cause. These can be friends, family, neighbors, and even people from around the world united by a shared purpose.

$1000 Each

Each person's contribution amounts to $1,000. This substantial but achievable sum reflects a commitment to the cause and demonstrates the collective strength of community support.

$16 a Day

Spread over 60 days, a $1,000 donation equals just $16 a day. This modest daily commitment, when multiplied, creates a significant impact. Achieving this collective effort will help us reach our goal effectively.

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