21 Day Fast Devo

Day 6

January 9, 2021


Reward Sibanda

(Slowly Read/Pray through Genesis 22:1-14)

Thank you God for being my provider. Thank you for countless times you broke in financially, emotionally, spiritually. You have been a good provider in my life. Your provision has kept me, sustained me and prospered me. Thank you. (Take time to let gratitude come to the surface)

I worship you as my provider. You are Jehovah Jireh, my provider. You are wealthy beyond measure and You are generous beyond measure.  You love to give and You give extravagantly. I love you for this.

I ask you for your provision this next year. Standing in confidence in what you’ve done in the past, I ask you to do it again. I declare a financial shift over my life in Jesus’ name.

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