21 Day Fast Devo

Day 4

January 6, 2021


Joel Figueroa

(Slowly Pray/Read through Matthew 16:13-19)

Thank you, Jesus. You are the Son of the God. Thank you for coming to the earth, taking on flesh, joining yourself to us to deliver us from sin, sickness and Satan. Thank you for your life. Thank you for death. Thank you for your resurrection and ascension. Thank you for your intercession. Jesus I thank you.(Take time to let gratitude come to the surface)

I worship you as the Son of God.  Your majesty and beauty overwhelm me. Your wisdom and leadership move me. Your power causes me to tremble and I love you.

I ask you to reveal yourself as the Son more and more in this next year. Solidify me as a son as I’m conformed into your image. May the revelation of you as Son strengthen me. Amen

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