21 Day Fast Devo

Day 19

January 26, 2021


Jeremy Shuck

https://youtu.be/xfSlgzLxKEg   — Holy Spirit by Joel Figueroa

Thank you, Holy Spirit for revealing Yourself time and time again to Upper Room over the last decade.  From the bottom of our hearts, We thank you for who You are. You are the welcomed Guest in the Upper Room Family. (Take time to let gratitude come to the surface)

We worship you Holy Spirit.  You are our comforter, our Friend, our convictor, and our wedding planner.  You are changing us, transforming us, liberating us into the image of Jesus. We love You Holy Spirit 

We ask you for a holy visitation in this next decade. Father, pour out Holy Spirit on every campus and may the glory of God saturate every member, marriage, and family at Upper Room. We ask You to blow open doors into the USA as well as all over the world for future UPPERROOMs.

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