21 Day Fast Devo

Day 17

January 26, 2021


Kevin Tipps

https://youtu.be/YEt_gVsXwpc (Father’s Song from Upper Room)

Thank you, Abba for fathering Upper Room over the last decade.  You are a good good Father and we bask in Your love and faithfulness today. Thank you for your affection in Dallas, Frisco, and Denver. (Take time to let gratitude come to the surface)

We worship you as our Father. Our whole Upper Family is one family and You are our Father and we worship You. Your love, power, goodness, extravagance, wisdom and discipline has been, is and will continue to be perfect. We love you.

We ask you to continue to Father us in this next decade. We cannot wait to see all that You have planned for UR in this next decade and we ask that bring us into all the will of God lives, marriages, families and in our Upper Room family. Reveal Yourself as Father in Dallas, Frisco and Denver. Amen.

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