21 Day Fast Devo

Day 16

January 26, 2021


Lorisa Miller

https://youtu.be/Za-yGR3sbNw  — Defender by Abbie

Thank you Jesus for delivering Upper Room over the last decade.  You have defended us against the enemy, protected us, delivered us time and time again and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your deliverance in our family. Thank you for your interventions in Dallas, Frisco, and Denver. (Take time to let gratitude come to the surface)

We worship you as our Deliverer. We honor You as Deliverer! We celebrate You as Deliverer. This is who You are, and this is what You do. We love you for this.  We take time today to just look at You in all of your beauty as Defender/Deliverer.

We ask you to increase Your Deliverance in this next year and in this next decade. You deliver us because You delight in us and we ask You to come and delight in us through Your deliverance. Do this in our lives, marriages, families and in our Upper Room family. Touch Dallas, Frisco and Denver with the revelation of You as Deliverer. Amen.

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