21 Day Fast Devo

Day 15

January 26, 2021


(https://youtu.be/aK8f6gdMaJ0) — Shepherd by Cody Ray Lee

Thank you Jesus for shepherding Upper Room over the last decade.  You have led us well and we thank you. We thank you for every time you broke into our worship and met us in unforgettable ways. Every song, every word, every move of Your presence left us changed forever. Thank you. (Take time to let gratitude come to the surface)

We worship you as our Shepherd. This is who You are, and this is what You do. We love you for this.  You are the Good Shepherd. You are the Great Shepherd. You are the Chief Shepherd and we celebrate You today.

We ask you for to lead us into this next year and into the years to come. We ask You to protect us, provide, deliver and carry us through every season that the future holds and we ask you to release the fullness of Your will in our lives, marriages, families and in our Upper Room family. Touch Dallas, Frisco and Denver with the revelation of You as Shepherd. Amen.

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